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Rhodochrosite allows you to know the truth, and this is hard work, which not everyone can do. The stone is suitable for those who fear dark forces and black magic. The energy of the mineral is able to protect from damage and the evil eye, envy, and anger.

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"Serpent" in Latin means "snake": the color of the stone resembles snakeskin, hence the name "serpentine". And his story is shrouded in legends.

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Prehnite  - Magical properties

Prehnite has a positive effect on the Heart Chakra - this is the 4th ANAHATA chakra.

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Pink quartz

Pink quartz has tremendous energy, which can affect the fate of its owner.

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Agate is a semiprecious stone

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A new wave of macrame revival.

No matter how long the art of weaving is forgotten, it was reborn with renewed vigor and not only acquired new features but also changed its name. At different times, the art of weaving was called: square weaving, knotted lace, and knotted fringe.

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