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Macrame Bags

Buying a new bag is a tempting idea. But if you want something interesting and unusual, then a bag made using the macrame technique is perfect.

Macrame bags have a very extravagant appearance. This is worth remembering if you are going to wear them. First of all, no matter how beautiful the wicker bag may be, it will not suit a business suit for wearing in the office or a formal dress. Do not wear it in the cold season, as the threads easily pass water - all the contents can get wet very quickly.

The macrame style is perfect for a boho dress or for a simple outfit of shorts and a T-shirt.

Macrame bags have many models, they easily vary from your desire, because it is you who create them. Show your imagination!

Shopping bag.

It is the simplest model. You probably remember something like that with your mothers or grandmothers. They appreciated string bags for their durability and reliability. It can carry products or books. Unlike a simple plastic bag, it will not tear at the most inopportune moment.

Small macrame bag.

A bag made using the macrame technique will be a stylish addition to your look. It will easily fit all the trifles necessary for the ladies: keys, money, a mirror.

If it weaves it from thin silk threads, it will be neat and delicate. And if you want larger patterns, then you should choose thick threads from natural materials, for example, linen or cotton.

Big macrame bag.

Another great option would be a large macrame bag. Most often it is carried to the beach, and it is justified, because it is light, a towel, sunblock, and so on are placed in it. Such a bag should not be made openwork, it is better to take thick threads.

What to wear?

The macrame bag is very original and beautiful, there is a temptation to wear it without taking off, with all the outfits. However, do not do this, remember the combination of styles! Such a bag should never be worn with business suits or classic skirts. She does not fit elegant dresses.

Take denim shorts, sandals and a light cotton blouse - a macramé bag will fit just perfectly in such a bow. Such an outfit can be worn in a park or for a walk near the sea on a hot summer day.

Another option would be a light summer dress in the style of country or boho. Floral print or Indian cucumber patterns - the choice is yours. It will look more interesting if the color of the handbag will resonate with the color of the sundress or some of its details. If your skill in weaving macramé patterns is well developed, then you can make several bags for each outfit yourself.

If you are going to carry a macrame bag not only in the summer but also in the colder season, for example, in the early autumn, it is worth thinking about more insulated outfits. Take your favorite jeans or any other (embroidered or painted models are in fashion this season) and a cute sweater.

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