The delicate color of the stone is associated with something romantic and sophisticated. It is believed that wearing jewelry with rose quartz will attract a mutual feeling in the life of its owner. Therefore, if a girl wears stud earrings, a bracelet, or a pendant with this gem, she can be sure that she will soon meet her soul mate and get married.⁠

It is recommended to wear accessories with rose quartz and women who permanently meet unsuitable men. It is believed that the mineral allows you to bring harmony to your personal life and protect its owner from troubles. You can hang a pebble near the cradle with the baby because it is believed that the gem will provide the baby with protection from the evil eye and restful sleep.⁠

The magical properties of the stone will also open up creativity. In particular, this applies to artists, fashion designers, writers, filmmakers, and actors. Representatives of these professions are advised to store a ball or a figurine made of rose quartz near the workplace.⁠

The healing properties of rose quartz allow it to be used in lithotherapy. Mineral treats diseases of the lymphatic, and cardiovascular systems, as well as blood-forming organs. It is recommended that people with diabetes should wear jewelry with this gem since stone relieves the symptoms of diabetes. Also, rose quartz has a positive effect on the nervous system - a person becomes more balanced and calm under its influence. This stone has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of women - they contribute to getting rid of infertility, the safe bearing of pregnancy, etc.