If you look at the stone for a long time, your eyes relax, and your vision begins to recover. Therefore, it is recommended to place the product from it in an area where a person spends a lot of time. The mineral is especially suitable for people whose activities are associated with close attention and work at the computer.

If you wear a stone on your chest, it will help to cope with heart pathologies, and normalizes blood pressure. Tinctures are made of stone, which is used internally to purify the blood and remove toxins, and heated plates of stone are used as applicators to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation in tissues and joints, and relieve tension in the throat.
Rhodochrosite helps to alleviate the condition of a woman during menopause. Balls make a facial massage from it, which helps smooth out wrinkles and restore youth to the skin. To get rid of nightmares and normalize sleep, just put a stone under the pillow. The crystal very well helps with nervous disorders, it allows you to recover more quickly after operations and diseases.

Magical properties
The stone is famous for its ability to return to its owner peace of mind and balance. A person will begin to feel a surge of strength and joy with him. Rhodochrosite gives energy, increases self-esteem, and helps to develop and overcome life difficulties. The Inca Rose is able to reveal talents in a person, cause a craving for art, and develop imagination and love of beauty.
The talisman from him protects his master from lying people and negative emotions helps to build relationships with others, controls the change of mood, and holds back the outbursts of aggression. Gem souvenirs bring wealth to the house.
No wonder rhodochrosite is considered a symbol of tenderness, passion, love, and idyll. Couples will be able to regain lost feelings, a stone will help to establish relationships in marriage. Lonely people with his help are more likely to find their soul mate and will become more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. A special amulet made of stone, made by yourself, will have a special power.

It is important to use the gem correctly. This crystal is most suitable for people with good intuition. To feel the power of the stone and to understand whether it is suitable by nature, you should hold it in your hand. If the crystal has become warm - it will be an excellent talisman, cold - it does not fit. It is not advised to wear jewelry with a stone for those who are not ready for changes and abandonment of the past.