Healing properties
They treated poor eyesight, liver, spleen, and organs of movement. Citrine is a powerful energy purifier and regenerator that normalizes the work of the chakras and conducts spiritual energy through energy centers. The stone exerts a particularly strong influence on the solar plexus chakra (Manipura). Meditation with citrine fills the body with light and pure energy. In terms of energy, the stone is most suitable for the people of Earth.

The healing properties of citrine jewelry

Lithotherapists recommend wearing citrines to improve brain function, as well as the prevention of many diseases. An elixir infused with citrine is recommended for menopausal syndrome. The constant wearing of citrine contributes to the normalization of all body processes, filling it with vitality, as well as the activation of the processes of purification and rejuvenation. Citrine can even cure complex illnesses such as stuttering.

Solar mineral regulates the endocrine system, removes toxins from the body, helps to cleanse and regenerate the skin, and alleviates the condition of allergies. Balances physical and mental energy in general. Thanks to its warm solar energy, this stone helps a person to cope with complexes, believe in himself, and learn to live in harmony with the world.

Magical properties
Ancient magicians used citrine to increase their magical powers. As esotericists assure, in combination with other stones, citrine helps to develop parapsychological abilities. Astrologers endow citrine with prophetic properties.

The magical properties of citrine jewelry

Talismans and charms were made from citrine, which was widely used in different eras and in different countries. It was believed that he protects his owner from the bites of snakes and scorpions. In many cultures, citrine was considered a stone of abundance and wealth, attracting business success and prosperity to its owner. The mineral gives confidence, and also adds generosity to others.

Citrine Necklace

This stone works real miracles and helps people who are very vulnerable and sensitive, suspicious, and insecure. The aura of citrine psychologically supports and strengthens emotionally, surrounds with harmony and positive.

The stone is protected by the planet Mercury. According to the zodiac sign, citrine is most suitable for Gemini, Aries, and Leo. Astrologers do not recommend wearing jewelry with this stone Taurus.
The ancient Romans valued citrines very highly. Wearing such jewelry was allowed only to the most respected people - speakers and philosophers. Like all stones with magical powers, citrines provide protection to their owners from any negative influences. For example, in Feng Shui philosophy, citrine is one of the stones of plenty, attracting wealth and purifying negative energy. It is recommended to store the mineral in the darkest corners of the house, in which negative energy usually accumulates.