According to one of them, the coil is believed to be the petrified skin of a fire serpent - the Great Snake, which guarded the entrance to the cave with gold. Anyone who finds a coil in the mountains will certainly find a treasure.

Another legend says that Adam, seduced by the entreaties of the Snake-Tempter and tasting the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, choked and spat out a piece on the ground. He turned to stone, which turned out to be serpentine. It is because of this that someone considers the coil to be a stone of knowledge, while others speak of it as a dangerous mineral that can cause trouble.

The healing and magical properties of the coil
The coil has long been endowed with special properties. No wonder before it was worn only by shamans and sorcerers. It is believed that with the help of serpentine it was possible to direct damage or evil eye, bewitch the lover and even remove her husband from the family.

Recently, esotericists began to talk more and more about the protective properties of the stone. The coil should certainly be worn by those who have serious enemies. In addition, the mineral is an absorber of negative energy.

Lithotherapists advise storing treatment solutions in serpentine vesicles; they claim that the stone has universal antiseptic properties. Serpentine bracelets help normalize blood pressure. Jewelry can relieve severe headaches.

It is noted that the owners of the coil faster undergo recovery after surgery and injuries.