Carnelian has weak radioactivity, which makes it an effective tool for healing wounds, abscesses, tumors, boils, and other skin disorders. During treatment, heated cornelian pieces are applied to the wounds, due to this, the inflammation subsides, and ulcers and wounds quickly heal.⁠
Carnelian treats sepsis, gangrene, toothache, anemia, poor eyesight, diseases of the heart, vascular system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, musculoskeletal system, intestinal, ⁠

Magical properties
In the East, they believe that the carnelian stabilizes and strengthens Qi bioenergy.⁠
Carnelian is a traditional love mascot. It contributes to the emergence of love and at the same time protects from imposed love spells, protecting marital happiness and fidelity.⁠
Dark red carnelians stimulate the sexual energy of a person and his sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex.⁠
According to ancient beliefs, the red cornelian protects from quarrels, disputes, and intrigues of enemies.⁠
Carnelian has a calming and pacifying effect, improves mood, brings success in business (including financial), and attracts well-being.⁠
Carnelian is able to save from a dangerous waste of vitality, strengthens apprehension and insight, promotes eloquence, and strengthens memory.⁠
From time immemorial, a carnelian was considered an amulet that protects against all dangers in life: accidents, natural disasters, and premature death.