Tiger's eye: zodiac signs, magic, and healing properties of the stone
Tiger's eye is one of the varieties of quartz. It differs from minerals with the effect of a “cat's eye” in a peculiar undulating golden-brown pattern. A variation of it is the falcon eye.

The value of the tiger's eye
This stone, having a beautiful golden yellow or golden brown color, has been known since antiquity. He who wears the tiger's eye has the patience like a tiger to wait for the right moment and has the courage and determination to resist the negative, whether it be the machinations of enemies or illness.

Tiger's eye allows you to see everything. When used as a decoration or a talisman, brings luck and protection from the evil eye to the owner, and attracts wealth. It is also believed that it helps clear thinking and understanding of the true content of things and situations.

Zodiac signs
The tiger's eye is considered the stone of the zodiac signs Gemini, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Use it if you feel a lack of energy. If you wear it constantly, you can become a very energetic person.

The magical properties of the tiger's eye
Most of all, it affects the mind, but not the body. This stone is used to focus and concentrate the mind. In magic, the tiger's eye allows you to see with your mind's eye. With it, you can see past lives, and remember and rethink the events that once happened. It makes it possible to understand what has power over your life, which causes stress and anxiety, and how to get rid of it.

The tiger's eye has a magical property to attract cash flows because its color is similar to gold. To do this, put a stone on the moonlight at the full moon and ask the moon to bless it so that you always have plenty of money. Moreover, he has the ability to discourage those who encroach on your property.

The healing properties of the tiger's eye
Many believe that the stone is good to use for healing. It restores the balance of energies of the physical body and provides a therapeutic effect. Among its medicinal properties:

• Helps with high blood pressure, psoriasis, and asthma.

• It is useful in the treatment of heart diseases; for this, stones of reddish shades are chosen.

• Used to improve memory, especially in the elderly.

• A tiger eye with a predominance of brown strengthens the knees and joints.

In addition, these stones have an excellent ability to heal people suffering from their emotions, anxiety, fear, and depression. It gives courage and strength to fight negative influences and restores the harmony of mind, body, and soul.

Talismans and Amulets
Being a talisman, the tiger eye brings closer the fulfillment of desire and attracts wealth. Great for creative people who want to receive recognition for their talent: artists, musicians, designers, and architects. He helps business people to choose reliable partners and to make profitable deals. It combines disparate thoughts and makes thinking more productive. Therefore, the stone can be recommended as a talisman for students and people engaged in intellectual activities.

It is useful to wear a tiger's eye during major changes in life, as it allows you to go through a difficult period with a light heart. Wear it as a talisman - for protection from unkind people and animals. It is believed that when danger approaches, the stone becomes heavier, thus warning its owner.

Tiger eye meditations
This is an effective stone for meditation because it helps not to be distracted and to achieve the right focus so that the mind remains in a state of balance. Its vibrations allow you to maintain a high level of awareness. Find a place in the house that has natural light and let the light flow through the tiger's eye on you. By meditating, you clear your mind, calm your emotions, free yourself from stress, and make the right decision. A stone with a personal symbol carved on it is great for spiritually developed people to meditate with it.

Feng Shui
Tiger's eye is used not only in jewelry. Representatives of all the signs of the zodiac can use it as an element of Feng Shui, to harmonize space and attract positive energies. Its action is enhanced by the element of Metal, which also maintains clarity and clarity - the main properties of the tiger's eye. Place it in the western or northwest part of the house, room, or office, then it will attract abundance. It is good to keep a stone (one or several) at the window or at the front door to protect the house and its inhabitants. Since it has a calming effect, it is useful to place it in a children's room.