Strengthens the energy of amber Rock crystal, as well as orange calcite, so they are recommended to be used together during healing procedures. Amber is an excellent remedy against depressive moods. It gives rise to a feeling of inner warmth and enhances a sense of security. If you regularly meditate with amber - this will certainly add optimism and joy to life.

When medicines do not help, expensive creams and nourishing masks do not work, when the body is tired of colds and eternal ailments - then the time comes to work with the powerful forces of nature!

Modern man is so carried away by new technologies that he gradually began to forget that he was created by nature and is a living biological system. And it is completely in vain because the energy and power of earthly nature are capable of creating real miracles!

In ancient times, it was believed that there were no diseases that could not be cured by amber. Indeed, it is not for nothing that the word “Gintaris” (from which the name of the stone came) is translated as “protection against diseases”. Today, connoisseurs of ancient medicine and admirers of stone also widely use the healing properties of amber.

How to use amber for healing?

  • meditate with amber;
  • charge and drink water;
  • wear talismans and jewelry;
  • massage with amber.

Amber-infused healing water

Healing water, infused with amber, miraculously helps with various problems with the stomach. Healing amber restores the human biofield. With the help of charges of static electricity, the work of all vital human organs is activated - every cell of our body senses the impulses of an ancient stone! Miraculous amber normalizes blood pressure, reduces and removes radioactive elements from the body, prevents the appearance of cancer cells, and stops the destruction of red blood cells. Amber sets the impulse of creativity, strengthens physical health, and gives optimism, and vitality.

What diseases does an amber treat?

Amber earrings and beads protect against colds and cure the flu.

Pendants with amber are worn around the neck to prevent asthma attacks, as well as in the solar plexus for the prevention of heart disease. Stones are worn in pockets and on belts for the treatment of gastric diseases. Often amber can be seen above the cradle - to normalize the baby’s sleep, or suspended from a driver’s mirror in a car - to improve heart function and physical condition in general.

Amber necklace gives an energy impulse to the carotid arteries, helps cleanse the entire body of toxins, and treats thyroid diseases.

Any stone jewelry softens the condition and improves the well-being of weather-dependent people during outbreaks in the sun, sudden changes in pressure, etc.

Amber Beads

Amber has been forming for millions of years, so the energy of this stone is incredibly powerful. Scientists have long confirmed the unique bioenergy properties of amber - it emits healing heat, which can be felt in the form of subtle tingling sensations at the fingertips when you touch it. Therefore, since ancient times, amber rosaries have been so popular. In many religions, it is a healing amulet and a subject of religious worship. Those who at least once held amber beads in their hands can no longer let them out of their hands - how pleasant this feeling is. Our body, like a living biochemical system, immediately responds to electromagnetic impulses that amber emits.

The healing properties of amber have long received scientific and medical justification. Succinic acid salts are a powerful biostimulant with a healing electromagnetic field. The spectrum of action of succinic acid is extremely wide:

  • strengthening the nervous system;
  • normalization of kidney activity;
  • improving bowel function;
  • anti-inflammatory agent;
  • antitoxic agent;
  • anti-stress agent.

Women from ancient times wore amber beads - this made it possible to control the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, which, in turn, regulates vital processes in a woman's body. The health and appearance of a woman directly depend on this! Modern American endocrinologists today prescribe amber beads for their patients to restore normal thyroid function. Girls are recommended to wear amber bracelets and amulets to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.

Amber-based products and supplements.

Extremely useful drugs and nutritional supplements are made on the basis of amber. Succinic acid is a powerful antioxidant that activates all biochemical processes in the cells and tissues of the body. It stimulates cellular respiration and glucose metabolism - this gives a powerful charge to the body and gives energy that is able to prevent and protect against the flu and other colds. The use of such drugs saves from real epidemics. Succinic acid treats all kinds of anemia, acute radiculitis, and cardiovascular disease. Amber acid is extracted directly from natural amber - this once again confirms the healing powers of the sunstone.

Another product of amber processing is amber oil. It is rubbed into the thyroid gland, as well as into places of inflammation since amber has anti-inflammatory properties.

Amber treatments

Amber massage affects important biochemical processes in the human body. When amber touches the skin, negative ions are released, which quickly activates energy metabolism.

Such a massage can be done independently or with the help of loved ones at home. To do this, use amber balls or ordinary polished amber stones, as well as amber powder. The procedure is recommended to be performed after a warm fifteen-minute bath when the body is sufficiently relaxed. Lightly massage biologically active points for a short time. To do this, it is not necessary to know the acupuncture points. It is enough to determine the most sensitive places on the body. You can also work with areas of the body where the pain is felt - to relieve pain.

The massage procedure instantly removes emotional stress and fatigue. A regular light massage with amber will improve blood circulation, inhibit cell oxidation, and stimulate cell regeneration.

Facial massage

During the massage procedure with amber, a small amount of succinic acid is released from the stone, which penetrates through the pores into the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, energy metabolism in cells is accelerated and the growth of healthy cells is enhanced. Amber soothes and cleanses the skin, and activates the process of collagen synthesis. Facial skin massage using amber restores its elasticity and firmness and restores its natural shade. Amber is the carrier of all known types of electromagnetic energy. As a result of regular short procedures, the cells will be saturated with oxygen, free of toxins, small wrinkles will be smoothed out, and the aging process of the skin will slow down.

Amber Lumbar Massage

To perform the procedure, it is necessary to pick up polished amber of a rounded shape. Suffering pain in the lumbar region, placed on the stomach. The masseur puts his left hand under the patient’s stomach and with his right-hand massages the lumbar region with amber in the form of circular movements (alternately in one and the other direction) for 10-15 minutes. The process of friction of amber on the skin provokes the emergence of negative electrical charges that circulate through a closed "electric" circuit from the patient to the masseur. Thus, the rapid activation of all processes in the tissues is carried out and the pain gradually disappears.

All procedures with amber are absolutely harmless, so they can be performed daily.

Do not forget about your health - this is the key to beauty and a good mood!

Healing stones in this sense are both jewelry and an effective therapeutic agent. Treat yourself with natural ingredients - use a unique source of the power of nature!