Jewelry with a stone is recommended to be worn if you are tormented by anxiety and emotional distress. The energy of the stone gives peace of mind and inner peace, helps to maintain mental health, and strengthens the will. The ancient Romans called it nothing more than a “blessed stone”, bringing good luck and peace.

This stone is loved by magicians and psychics since it is more susceptible to the effects of magic than many other precious stones. Ancient amethysts are often spellbound. Such instances are valued higher because their energy is amplified many times since the stone is able to store magical energy for hundreds of years.

Amethyst helps lovers
Amethyst is also considered a stone of fidelity and eternal love. According to legend, St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring with a carved image of Cupid.
In the old days, it was worn by widows and widowers, as a sign of devotion to their departed spouses. At all times, amethyst was considered a powerful amulet that protects from an evil fate. Amethyst is able to expel unrequited and unhappy love from a woman’s heart. It is believed that amethyst in the shape of a heart is the best gift of the groom to the bride and a talisman that brings happiness and peace to the newlyweds.

Jewelry with amethyst

Amethyst increases the vigilance and prudence of a person. Protects from hasty and rash actions.

Fans of amethyst note that the stone itself chooses its owner and does not accept everyone - it can suddenly crack, get lost, etc. And if he chooses, then after constant contact he gets used to it, absorbs the spirit of his master, becomes a sincere friend, and helps him in every way in life. After a while, the owner of the stone feels a spiritual connection with him and practically does not part with the stone.

As a frame, silver is most often used. Amethyst in silver promotes friendly contacts and successful business meetings. It is believed that sterile women's silver jewelry with amethysts helps to become mothers, and men - restore male power. Amethyst in gold gives the body an energy balance. Amethyst looks great in jewelry made of red gold combined with citrines and chrysolites.

The origin of the name of the stone is associated with another amazing property - to stand guard over the sobriety of its owner. From ancient Greek amethyst is translated - as "not drunk". According to legend, the stone absorbs alcoholic fumes, remaining absolutely "sober".

An ancient legend is associated with the name of the stone. The unusually beautiful mineral was named after the Greek nymph Ametis, with whom Dionysus, the god of wine and fun, was in love. The beautiful Amethis rejected the ever-drunk Dionysus. For this act, the goddess Artemis turned the nymph into a violet-purple stone, which was given the name "amethyst", which literally means "not drunk."