It has a beneficial effect on all signs of the zodiac. The stone of Jupiter and Venus is most favored by Taurus and Sagittarius. If you wear turquoise on the new moon, the coming month will bring financial prosperity and many happy days. It is especially recommended to wear jewelry with turquoise on Fridays, as this day is dedicated to the planet of love - Venus.⁠

Turquoise is a stone of fidelity, happiness, and love. This is the most suitable stone for girls and young women since it helps them to attract men.⁠

Many peoples of the world believed that turquoise is a stone that causes strong love. Medieval court ladies always carried with them talismans with turquoise in order to enchant their chosen one. Lovers gave each other rings turquoise. If the stone became cloudy, it meant that the love between them faded. Oriental women, in order to attract the attention of men, secretly sewn turquoise pebbles into his clothes.⁠
Turquoise is an ideal talisman that helps in love affairs. Among the ancient Romans, turquoise is the stone of Venus - the goddess of eternal love. The ancient Egyptians noted the magical connection of turquoise with the goddess Isis, who personifies marital fidelity.♥️⁠

This is a peacemaker stone, which is able to reconcile quarreling lovers, as well as relatives and friends who do not get along with each other. The unmarried also wore turquoise - this stone is able to heal hearts broken by unhappy love. Since ancient times in Russia and Germany, wedding rings were decorated with turquoise in order to strengthen the marriage of the newlyweds - the powerful energy of the stone gives lovers happiness and mutual understanding, as well as reconciles the quarreling spouses.⁠

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